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No respite for Dileep; HC rejects bail plea

The Kerala High Court (HC) on Monday denied bail to actor Dileep who is one among the accused in the actress abduction and molestation case. The HC in a detailed judgment observed that the accused had a strained relationship with the victim as he believed that the victim tried to disrupt his matrimonial relationship with his former wife. Besides, it was pointed out by several people that the victim lost several of her opportunities in a handful of films because of the accused actor’s interference and had badly affected her career.

Several crucial discoveries have been made by the investigation team as it had evidence to establish the close association the prime accused had maintained with the petitioner. The judgment says, “The conspiracy angle is sought to be established by alleging that the petitioner herein had met the first accused (Pulsar Suni) at the five different specified places where the conspiracy was hatched. One was in a hotel wherein the petitioner (Dileep) allegedly instructed the first accused to commit the act and offered to pay the huge amount. Hotel records are relied on by the prosecution to establish that the room was booked in the name of the petitioner herein. The presence of both the accused and the petitioner at all five places at the same time is sought to be established by call record details, tower location of mobiles or by direct oral evidence, gathered by the investigation. The disclosure made by the first accused about the conspiracy hatched with the petitioner, in the investigation and those made to others have led to discovery of several crucial materials and facts.”

Apart from the conspiracy and evidence for the strained relationship with the victim, the Court has observed three important reasons for dismissing the bail application. The judgment says, “The case is unique, considering the seriousness, meticulous planning, cruel nature of execution and being a crime executed to wreak vengeance on a woman by engaging criminals, to sexually abuse her. Courts have to be circumspect in granting bail in such cases.”

The Court further observed that the crucial material objects involved in the crime which are the mobile phone used to record the assault and the memory card used to store the videographed material had not been recovered by the Kerala police. The Court also added that the memory card was a potential threat to the life of the victim and if granted bail, the accused might attempt to interfere in the investigation and the prosecution with the memory card.

Lastly, the Court has pointed out that the accused who is highly influential in the Malayalam film industry might influence or even threaten the witnesses once he was out on bail. The judgment read, “The petitioner, being a noted film actor, is also involved in the distribution and production of films and is owner of a theatre. Definitely, he must be wielding considerable command on the industry. Hence the possibility of the petitioner influencing or threatening several witnesses, who are also from the same industry, cannot be ruled out.”

Justice Sunil Thomas concluded his judgment saying it would be too early to grant bail to the petitioner, Dileep.

Dileep’s picture is taken from the actor’s official facebook page.

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