Most of the content on KochiPost is commissioned work. If you have an idea for a feature, investigative report or photo essay, let us know.

In addition to commissioned work, we are looking for the following people for paid positions in Kochi.

Restaurant Reviewer (Part-time)

The good news is you get paid to eat and share your thoughts about it. You have to visit one restaurant or cafe in the Kochi area in week. You have to write about 1200 words about your experience and take pictures. Are you up for it?

City Reporter (Full-time/Part-time)

Do you have an eye for civic issues? Are you keen to find out and expose who is responsible for the bad condition of roads? How much was spent on it and why nothing has happened? Do you have an eye for an interesting social story? Local entrepreneurs surviving and succeeding against all odds, young creatives pushing the envelope in photography, short films, etc… you get the idea. You will be expected to send stories of 1200 words with pictures. Interested?