Restaurant Review: Head to the Chocolate Room for Some Sinful Pampering of your Tastebuds

A sweet-craving post lunch led my friend and me to try out The Chocolate Room. Located inside  Lulu Mall at the second floor, it wasn’t difficult for us to reach there neither did we have any difficulty to find it. Tucked in one silent corner of the second floor, slightly bigger than a hole in the wall and with the smell of cocoa wafting in the air, I fell in love with how this small café looked and felt.

We couldn’t contain our excitement as we walked into this tiny café, dreaming and talking about the delicacies that we would order. Once there, and having gone through the menu, we were confused as to what to order – we wanted them all! Finally, we settled for a Ferrero Rocher shake, Death by Chocolate Pancake, Tandoori Paneer Sandwich and Tandoori Chicken Sandwich. We decided to wait for the order at the open bench outside the café, in the alley. We sat talking and playing with the kids, and before we knew, we had the Ferrero Rocher shake on the table. One sip each and all of us were fighting for the drink. It was rich yet refreshing, chocolaty and the subtle taste of Ferrero Rocher in the shake took the taste a notch higher. In contrast to many other places where shakes tend to taste too syrupy and artificial, this was a pleasant change. As we sat relishing the shake, the Death by Chocolate pancake was served. We were eagerly looking forward to it and the wait didn’t disappoint us. It was quite appealing and we dug in straight away without even waiting to get a proper photo of the dish. Layers of hot chocolate pancake drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – need I say more? I loved how the heat from the warm buttery pancake blended beautifully with the cold ice cream in the mouth. You really can’t stop at one spoon! The pancake was cooked at the right thickness and it perfectly nailed the chocolate part – neither too minimal nor too overpowered with bitterness. This was one of the best pancake dishes that I’ve ever had and I can go on and on about how utterly delicious it was.

We also ordered two sandwiches to cut the sweetness from all the cocoa – a tandoori paneer sandwich and a tandoori chicken sandwich. These sandwiches were indeed a refreshing break from all the chocolate goodness. Grilled to perfection and stuffed generously with the filling, which I must say, were flavourful and spiced well, the sandwiches were up to the mark. Yet, amongst all the chocolate goodness it failed to create a mark of its own. The shake, and especially the pancakes were a level apart with the perfect blend of taste and creativity, that the sandwiches got side-lined.

However, The Chocolate Room succeeded in creating a huge impression amongst us in terms of service, food and pricing. The staff were quite accommodative of our requests, helping us in choosing the orders and serving our food without much delay. We loved the laid back ambience that the café has tried to provide. We spent quite some time just relaxing, chilling with our shake and pancakes, without rushing on our meal. For the food that it serves, The Chocolate Room is reasonably priced and in fact, quite light on the pocket, motivating you to go back there sooner.

We had a very pleasant experience there that day that we left the place with a big wide grin. This is definitely one of the best places in Lulu Mall to while away time with a book in hand while you are waiting for someone to join you or for a quick catch up with friends.



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