Shobhana to Enthrall Kochi’s Audience

If you are looking forward to an evening of colour, music, dance and most of all entertainment, then Kochi is where you ought to be this weekend.

Gear up for another unique fusion production by renowned actress and danseuse Shobhana Chandrakumar Pillai. It is in indeed to time to explore space and time in a most unique format.

Trance, a fusion musical production, by Shobhana and her team at Kalarpana presents some of the most popular tales of Indian mythology and from The Bible by means of various artistic elements.

Unlike their previous shows, namely Maya Ravan and Krishna, this production depicts various tales creating a most unique narrative. The title of the show – ‘Trance – The Dancing Drums’ throws light upon the use of rhythm and percussions to represent various moods and moments. Adding a rather vivid flavour to various sequence of events.
The team will also employ elements of other art forms such as Qawwali, Indian classical music, popular film songs composed in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi as well as electronic music. Interestingly, Bollywood dancing has also be incorporated into the piece.

The production by the Padmasree awardee had premiered in June 2016 at Mumbai.

The programme will be taking place at JT PAC, Ernakulam on Sunday, February 12, 2017. Time of the show: 6 pm

For tickets, contact: 8086881681, 9349528057. You can also book tickets online as well.

Image courtesy: By Lijesh K- Own work CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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