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Praveen P Gopinath (born on November 1st 1981) is a bestselling Indian Author. He graduated in History from Annamalai University and is an astrologer of repute.

His debut book Being Moon on 31st Crossroad, his autobiography which are inspiring and touching little anecdotes that takes the reader through the journey of his life, is one of the most sold books in India in 2014. His first fiction ‘In Our next life, at the Salsa Class’ was critically acclaimed for his poetic writing and justification of extra-marital affairs. One of his stories was published by Penguin Book’s anthology titled, ‘Something Happened on the way to Heaven’ edited by eminent author Sudha Murthy.

His first Malayalam book Thanthonniyude Maryathakal, accounts of a live-in relationship with a girl called Mantra, is an instant hit and is being made into a movie. Praveen’s 4th English book, ‘People I See- 43 inspiring real life stories’ is considered India’s answer to ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series. His verified Facebook page Praveen P Gopinath (Mr. Mallu) where he writes excerpts from his life, has over fifty thousand fans.













Praveen P Gopinath
Praveen P Gopinath
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