Ashley Madison Users in Kerala Data

Thiruvanathapuram leads with maximum Ashley Madison users in the state with over 1145 users in the city. This is not including Kovalam (just 13 users). Thrissur is second with 561 users.

But with 86% users in Thiruvanathapuram and 84% of Thrissur users male, it doesn’t seem like most people found what they were looking for.

Kozhicode came in third with 490 users and Kochi came in close fourth with 441 users. The percentage of male users here too remain high, over the 80%. Kottayam was fifth with 347 users.

The website has information collected from 42 towns in Kerala. They are updating the information and this number is set to rise. No personal information about account holders or contact information has been shared.

The information and interactive infographic was created using CatoDB and is available at Malfideleco by tecnilogica.

Comparing Kerala numbers with other cities in India, it looks like there is relatively fewer men in the state looking for a fling. Bangalore and Chennai has over 10,000 users. Mumbai and Delhi have over 30,000 users. All these cities too, it’s mostly male users.

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