Tharoor’s Oxford Union Speech Was Great, BUT…

In any debate, it is good to hear both sides of an argument. Even if you have a bias, or a fan of the speaker, you will benefit much more if you take in what the other side has to say. The danger of listening to only one side of the argument is that we become prisoners of our own hype – which can sometimes be very different from reality.

Like this example from Namaste London by Akshay Kumar:

There were four speakers arguing Britain Does Not Owe Reparations and they had some very valid points. Some of them might make us uncomfortable but it is vital we listen.

Prof. John M. MacKenzie

Prof. William Roger Louis

Sir Richard Ottaway

Alpha Lee

Each of these speeches have some great points for us to consider. For best results, try to listen to them without your emotions getting the better of you.

Image courtesy of Oxford Union Facebook Page. 

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