Why is Mohan Bhagwat paying so much attention to Madhya Pradesh?  

Mystery surrounds the extra attention being paid by the RSS Chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat to Madhya Pradesh. In the last three to four months, Bhagwat has held camps in many cities of the state. At present, he is attending a five-day camp in Bhopal. One of the reasons attributed to RSS’ special attention to the state is that Congress government headed by Kamal Nath has undertaken many programmes to project an image of soft Hindutva. Kamal Nath’s tactics seem to be paying dividends.

Addressing the Bhopal camp, RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat, urged youth to encourage people to spread awareness on social equality and help eliminate caste-based inequalities. Sangh members should develop the organisation like a family and make efforts to ensure social equality and harmony by instilling feelings of affection and affinity in society,” Bhagwat said.

According to the regional publicity-in-charge (Madhya Bharat region), Om Prakash Sisodia, the RSS chief also reviewed the activities undertaken by the regional bodies in the last year and discussed plans to promote social harmony. Bhagwat also talked about involving women from various social and cultural organisations to create awareness on developing an ideal family system through active participation of couples.

“What is an ideal Hindu family? How much time should family members  spare for each other and how to establish family values are some of the issues that workers should discuss and share their thoughts with the family they contact. This would encourage families to participate in seminars and discussions on family values,” Bhagwat said.

The RSS chief took feedback from the youth about the ongoing agitation against the new citizenship law. Bhagwat also sought details from the leaders of the BJP and those of its outfits of Sangh about the work done for uplifting Dalits.

Meanwhile, referring to RSS activities in Madhya Pradesh Dr Govind Singh, a senior state minister, launched a fierce attack on the RSS. Talking to reporters, Singh said that RSS is not a non-political organisation like it claims. He claimed RSS works like a political party and Dr Bhagwat “should remove his mask” and take charge of the BJP.

“RSS wants to push the country into the fire of communalism while BJP functions like Hitler’s dictatorship,” Govind Singh said.

“For 50 years RSS has been saying that it is not a political organisation. But when Mohan Bhagwat can decide on the chief minister and appointment of Governor, then it is clear that RSS is a political party”.

The minister also alleged that RSS offices have become lavish after the BJP has come to power. “I want to ask Sangh leaders that after BJP formed government how RSS got so much money to have air conditioned offices,” Govind Singh said: “And camps are being held everywhere. RSS needs to explain.

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