Online media takes a wild guess on story behind ‘Terminator’ actor’s Instagram photo

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the accomplished American actor and former Governor of California, finds something or the other to engage his fans and followers. Presently, a photo he posted on Instagram in January 2016, in which the ‘Terminator’ actor was seen sleeping under his own bronze statue adjacent to the Star Hotel in Columbus, Ohio, is doing the rounds. Social media as well as various online portals across the globe are contemplating the photograph.

The report on the instagram pic by Manorama online last year and yesterday

‘Manorama Online’ had published the story behind the photograph posted on Instagram in 2016 and when it became viral recently, the story popped up again on on August 22, 2017. ‘Mathrubhoomi’ and ‘Mangalam’ have also reported about it on the August 22. The photo was posted by the body builder-actor on January 15, 2016, on his Instagram account with the caption, “How times have changed.”

The report on Arnold’s instagram pic which appeared on Mathrubhumi and Mangalam on August 22

The story which is being narrated by the online media goes like this…The Star Hotel was opened by Schwarzenegger when he was the Governor. At that time, the hotel administration had told him that he could check in to the hotel at any time he wishes. But later while the actor was in the city for a movie shoot, the hotel authorities declined to provide him accommodation saying that all rooms were already occupied. This made him buy a cover and sleep under his own statue.

However, the actor had said nothing apart from, “How times have changed.” It is learnt from the Instagram post that the followers have assumed their own stories and coloured the picture with them. One fan says, “Yes, times have changed. Do not trust your position or your owner or your power or your intelligence. All of this will not last.” And this has been pointed out in the online media stories as said by Schwarzenegger himself! But the actor has not said anything apart from the caption and yet the media, especially the online media, projects this as a real story.

The incident must have happened or may not have. The chance is very limited for a celebrity actor like Schwarzenegger to be denied accommodation in a hotel which was inaugurated by him. While the Kerala media has reported it as a real incident, none of them have not even commented on the possibility of ‘just for fun’ aspect of the photograph.

Apart from the online media in the State, similar web portals in other countries have also published the photograph and the ‘imaginary’ story. Some Telugu portals like and have also reported it as a real incident.

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