Legal experts in Kochi take different stances as HC set to hear Dileep’s bail plea

At a time when the debate on actor Dileep’s arrest in the conspiracy case has turned intense with the news channels reporting each and every moment of the probe, actor’s life after the arrest as well as the public’s responses, barristers in and around the city express different opinions. The High Court on July 17 had accepted Dileep’s bail application and the hearing on the same was postponed to July 20. The bail application filed before the Angamaly magisterial court was rejected last week.

While some of the advocates based in Kochi foresee chances for the HC to grant bail, some others find no such possibility for the Court to act so. A few others said that it was nonsensical to comment on a case that is highly sensitive and currently under trial.

Advocate Ranjith Marar, who has often raised his voice against the one-sided media debates and public outcries in the case, opined that it would not be logical to say anything at this point regarding the outcome of the Court procedure to be held on July 20. “I think it is neither mine nor the reporter’s job to ponder over the issue at this juncture. Anyway the HC is going to hear the accused actor’s bail plea. I believe the judge who presides over this case and the prosecution as well as the lawyer of the accused are all highly capable and experienced fellows. As a responsible citizen, it is everybody’s duty to keep quiet at this time instead of passing some amateur comments. Let the law take over. However for the sake of answering the question, I guess there is equal chance for the HC to grant bail,” he said.

Advocate Hakeem Shah M. A. said there is lesser chance for the High Court to take a favourable stand for the accused as the crime is highly heinous and horrible. “So far as I could understand, the accused has committed the crime for sure. And the crime deserves no bail. Prosecution has clearly said that it had every evidence to prove the accused had committed the crime and it has also pointed out that granting bail would be helpful for the accused to influence the probe,” he said. He further said that if the actor is just a suspect, then, why his own people threw him away from the organisations instead of suspending the actor. It is evident that those who are close to the actor know it clearly that he has committed all those crimes. Criminal conspiracy is one of the severest crime warranting maximum punishment as per Indian law. Besides, chances are rare for the Court to take a stand unfavourable to the victim,” Hakeem Shah said.

Another Advocate practising in the High Court declined to comment anything on the case saying it would be a blunt act to comment or discuss on the bail application even before it is presented before the Court. “I cannot comment on the issue as of now as the Court is yet to hear the plea. It may take a favourable or unfavourable stand. Whatever, it is a sheer disrespect of the Court activities to comment on such things in public at this stage,” opined Advocate Jomy George.

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