Statue at Medical College gets ‘divine powers’

The birth of a deity is always fascinating to watch. Suddenly, what was neglected till now develops magical powers or gradually gets attributed unnatural superpowers; a fascinating sight indeed!

The Medical College at Thiruvananthapuram always was the last hope for many for various problems. The facilities hitherto unavailable in other district hospitals; as well as senior and expert doctors were the reasons for this. Whenever there was no hope of recovery or a serious accident, Medical College was the last hope for people in the nearby districts. But now a statue is fast gaining ‘devi’ status at Medical College.

Just after the Casuality on the way to S.A.T Hospital sits a big statue of a mother with a child on her lap. It was built by Aryanad Rajendran more than 30 years ago as a decorative piece. The statue is in the middle of a roundabout where different roads take you to Regional Cancer Centre, S.A.T and Nursing College. The statue always gained a second gaze as it was situated in a prime position. It was an indication of motherhood as S.A.T Hospital was located nearby.

No one has any clear idea how the statue gained ‘divine’ status. One fine day in June 2017, candles appeared in front of it. Later, the number of candles as well as people who pray in front of it increased. No one has done anything deliberately to promote it as a deity and nobody knows who started the custom of praying in front of it. One candle gave way to a packet of candles and then innumerable numbers. People were seen crying and praying in front of it. When asked about the origin of the belief as well as who created the statue; it drew blank looks from the believers.

It was interesting to enquire the reasons for praying to the statue. Most of their prayers were related to delivery and childbirth. It was believed that if you pray to the ‘deity’, complicated C-sections could be avoided and normal delivery would be the result. When asked some of them gave the answer that, “one of my wishes were fulfilled; hence I believe in it.” There were people who swear that, praying to the statue had saved their daughters and wives and the delivery was a normal one. Few also said that they saw people praying there and they also do the same as it is a statue and it will be divine.

Even after explaining that the statue does not have any divine powers and it was built by Aryanad Rajendran as he was commissioned to build a mother and baby statue, people did not lose their faith. It seems the level of worship has increased a notch. Now the offerings include packets of milk also.

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