Restaurant Review: The Asian Kitchen is a Great Choice for Authentic Asian Flavours

Couple of weeks ago, it was my husband’s birthday and I was looking for a great place to take him out for a quiet dinner. I was looking for a new type of cuisine as we both are fond of trying out new flavours. And when Asian Kitchen popped as an option on Zomato, I thought, why not. I didn’t think there was any need for reservations as it was a weekday night. So we sauntered in casually by 9 for a laid back dinner. I was impressed by the word go and so was the birthday boy! Located at the Cochin Club near Parade Grounds, the place is truly a hidden gem.

The colonial inspired place decorated with pretty lanterns is perfect for a date night with your special someone. The ambience and music puts you in the mood for some really sumptuous Asian fare. The place was almost empty except for a two other tables that were occupied. Which was a shame as the food was simply superb! So, it almost felt as though we had the place all to ourselves, which is also thanks to the knowledgeable, attentive, staff.

We started with a Japanese soya paste soup or miso soup and an assorted platter of dim sums. Now, while miso makes for a great base for a broth, the dried fish is an acquired taste, especially if you are like me and don’t prefer dry fish- the flavour and saltiness is a tad too strong for me! My husband surprisingly enjoyed it- surprising is the term here, since he usually doesn’t favour seafood.

The dim sum platter which contained an assortment of vegetarian, chicken and prawn dim sums was delectable. Steamed to perfection, what really stood out for me was the vegetarian dim sum. While normally restaurants serve vegetarian dim sums with water chestnuts and cabbage or mushroom, this one was with cashews and chives- a pleasant change in flavour. The dipping sauces was the right amount of spicy too.

Instead of going for a side dish and noodle/rice order, we opted for the assorted Japanese chicken skewer with pan fried noodles in chili bean sauce with vegetables. The assorted skewer ended up being a great choice as it had skewered chicken skin, wings and regular satay- all done in teriyaki sauce of course! The chicken skin especially wowed us as it was crispy, but not flaky. The pan fried noodles were tasty too.

The meal ended with a matcha green tea ice cream for me and a coconut honey ice cream for my husband. Both were excellent. This place is a must-try, especially for those who enjoy authentic Asian flavours. Fairly priced, it wont hurt your wallet either!

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