Kochi’s Entrepreneurs Come Together for the First Meeting of ‘The Startup League’

Recently, The Kochi Post wrote about how and why startups shut down prematurely in Kerala and what can be done to help sustain them. The Startup League, an organisation is all about startups, had it’s very first meeting on Thursday in the city. The event that took place at Park Residency, Kakkanad, saw nearly 40 entrepreneurs from all parts of the State come together. Heralded by Manoj Chandran, founder of the organization, and Harish Nair, co-founder, the meet saw industry leaders address a group of enthusiastic businesspersons.

“The main reason startups close down soon is because there isn’t the right kind of awareness, no handholding. These are mainly freshers who get carried away by the startup hype. A lot of them don’t know how to take their business to the next level,” says Manoj.

He says the league hopes to create a eco-system in which startups that are trying to find their ground can be nurtured and sustained.

“The aim is to impart the right kind of knowledge on a monthly basis. But the league necessarily wont help them directly land a client,” he explains.

Stress points like why a business plan should be drafted by the entrepreneur himself and cash flow are some of the topics that will be covered in these meets.

“We plan to get industry leaders who have in-depth knowledge to help startups tackle topics like these,” Manoj says.

Felix K.A. speaking about the importance of a business plan blueprint.

There were two main speakers at the meeting. One of them was Felix K.A., a cost accountant and value consultant, who spoke about the importance of a business plan blueprint and why a business plan should come from an entrepreneur and not a consultant. Cyriac Tom, a tax consultant, talked about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and its importance from the star-up point of view.

Cyriac Tom providing an introduction to GST.

Other important names present were Priya Deepak, co-founder of The Village Fair that specialises in traditionally seasoned utensils; Baiju N., founder and managing partner of Technolodge – Kerala’s first rural IT park, who is also a member of the State Innovation Council and the managing partner of Agro Park. Deepak, founder of Baadtra, was also present.  

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