MR. SATURDAY, A Must Watch Malayalam Short Film

Making a short film seems to be the rite of passage ritual for many young film makers and actors. Three years ago Praveen P Gopinath made Mr. Mallu – Things Malayalees say! and it was an instant hit.

Teaming up with Karthik Chintu who did the story, script and direction, Praveen acted in a new short film, Mr. Saturday. Disney James who plays Rajeev is a mainstream actor, he played villain in the Prithviraj starer Memories.

Mr. Saturday is the story whose time has come to be told. It is about a young man named Rajeev, who has never found a break or success in his 32 years of life.

It has been prophesied by astrologers that he will remain unsuccessful because of the impact of the planet Saturn (Shani) in his horoscope. Continuous failures pushes Rajeev to the brink of insanity, until his parents appoints a psychologist to help him.

However the psychologist calls himself a personality developer and employs strange and unconventional methods of treatment. Rajeev meets him coincidentally on an eventful Saturday. This 32 year old is then taken on a ride to redemption.

I told both Praveen and Karthik, this needs to be made into a series. Our society, no matter how much educated and prosperous is under a spell of insecurity. Various God-men and Gurus, claiming to be experts in astrology have milked this insecurity and driven people to many irrational decisions.

What gives this short movie more gravitas is the fact that Praveen is an well established and known astrologer himself (although he refers to himself as an astrology student).

His success took root over the years due to his almost brutal honesty in sharing his life experiences. First on his Facebook page and then in his books Being Moon on 31st Crossroad and In our next life at the Salsa Class. He has written scripts for a handful of short films including Who am I, Press 9 for Customer care and Kids are watching.

Credits: Story, Script and Direction Karthik Chintu Starring Disney James, Praveen P Gopinath, Mamta DOP KG Ratheesh Editor Aravind Manmadhan Music & Background Score PS Jayhari Associate Director Rudra S Lal.

Kartik Chintu has announced new bilingual (Tamil and Malayalam) movie Dwaitham.

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