Shaffi Mather invited to GES hosted by Obama

Social Entrepreneur and Founder of MUrgency, Shaffi Mather traveled to Nairobi at the invitation of US Government to attend the 2015 Global Economic Summit in Nairobi jointly hosted by US President Barack Obama and Kenyan President John Kenyatta.

The Summit was part of US Government’s focused efforts to support entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. This is the third summit Shaffi Mather is attending with the US Govt since such an initiative began in 2010 after he was invited by the US President as one of the four entrepreneurs from India to the first Summit held in Washington DC. Shaffi also attended the special dinner hosted by Kenyan President as part of the Summit.

Shaffi Mather presented his views on Social Entrepreneurship to provide services to the poorer sections of the society and on the One Global Emergency Response Network which he said is the need of the day to save lives which are otherwise being lost due to lack of timely medical care.

“Leaders and Entrepreneurs from Africa very much welcomes MUrgency – One Global Emergency Response Network initiative as Africa do not have any infrastructure for emergency response at present” he said.

MUrgency, the one Global Emergency Response Network was recently launched as a mobile app to ensure fast emergency medical assistance is made available to all across the globe. The San-Francisco based company aims to reach out across India by January 2017 and across the globe by January 2020 through this platform.

Shaffi Mather at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015

MUrgency Inc. is focused on building a worldwide, decentralised emergency response network that can be accessed by one tap on the mobile phone – ensuring that anyone in an emergency gets a helping hand when they need it most.

The Network leverages the power of mobile technology, cloud network and cell phone networks to create a seamless global emergency response network that aims at emergency response by connecting people who need help directly with trained responders like doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics and ambulances. On the supply side, the network aggregates existing emergency responder resources, validates their credentials and onboard them to the MUrgency Network.

Currently, 6.25 billion people worldwide lack access to a reliable emergency response system in case of emergency. Even the 0.75 billion people who can obtain reliable response often have to deal with enormous expenses and delays. According to WHO estimates, more people die from lack of timely care than from AIDS, TB and malaria combined.

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