Hotel Abhirami in Edapally Is Your Go to Place for Uthappams and Flavoured Rice

‘When in doubt, head to Abhirami’ has been our family mantra ever since the restaurant started its operation in Edapally. My mother-in-law, being a staunch vegetarian, is very particular about where she has food from if we are dining outside and this is the only place where she tags along without any complaints.

Located right on the main road in Edapally with ample parking space, this place is very easy to find. A very simple, unassuming place, there isn’t much of an ambience to talk about. Despite the mediocre seating arrangement and interiors, the restaurant does serve some hot, crunchy dosas that is sure to give you the comfort of home food. Our usual favourites have always been the variety of dosas in their menu and their curries. The food here may not be exceptional, considering that Kochi has a few amazing vegetarian restaurants, but its comfort food. Something to look forward to after a long, tiring day or for our family, after a long trip.

The dosas, here, are crisp and the menu card boasts of an enviable variety, ranging right from the good old plain dosa to masala dosas stuffed with a variety of fillings, that includes gobi masala and paneer masala amongst other lip smacking options. Served with two varieties of chutney – white coconut chutney and green pudina chutney – and sambhar, these crunchy dosas are perfect to fill a hungry tummy. I love the channa bhatura too. Although I must admit that I have always been a fan of channa bhaturas, never failing to order a plate wherever I go. That said, the bhatura here is fried to perfection- puffed up well and crispy. This, along with the spicy channa masala, is perfect as a tea-time accompaniment or an early dinner. They also have a wide variety of soft, fluffy uthappams – podi uthappam being my favourite–served along with chutneys and sambhars and it is a must try if you are a fan of these soft, fluffy and thick pancakes adorned with various toppings.

I haven’t tried meals (traditional south Indian spread of rice and vegetables) from here since every time I’ve gone for lunch, I have always ended up ordering a flavoured rice. I’ve found the curd rice here a bit too tangy but otherwise bland for my taste. However, I love the flavour packed, well seasoned coconut rice and the tangy lemon rice. The choice of flavoured rice have been the reason I have overlooked biriyani as a meal option here.

Despite being the go-to place for South Indian food and especially being popular for, they also serve some tasty north Indian curries to go with chapattis and pulaos – the paneer butter masala and the vegetable kurma being my personal favourites. I am not a fan of their chapattis but I love the curries, the creamy paneer butter masala.

The portion size is good for two light eaters or for one really hungry tummy. The staffs are courteous and the service is fast. Rest assured, if you are near Edapally  and  looking for decent vegetarian food priced moderately, this is your place. You may not be overwhelmed, but you will not be disappointed for sure.



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