RESTAURANT REVIEW: Visit Vigneshwara Brahmins Restaurant for Amazing Rasa Vadas in Trivandrum

It was by sheer chance that we discovered the small and unassuming Vigneshwara Brahmins Restaurant. Situated in South Fort, more precisely, in the lane adjacent to Ootupura Boli, this place serves one of the best Rasa Vadas and Chutney, which I’ve had in Trivandrum. Ever since my visit here, I have been eagerly waiting to go back to have one more plate of their delicious Rasa Vada.

It was during one of our usual visits to Ootupura Boli, to pick a few packets of their signature Bolis, that the restaurant board called out to us. Since it was teatime anyway, we decided to try out this place. The restaurant is very mediocore in terms of ambience. However, the place is neat and clean, and indeed welcoming.

We were five of us and it wasn’t difficult to get a seat. Soon, we were greeted by a friendly staff member who was ready to take our order. It was, in fact, he who suggested that we order for a plate of Rasa Vada, which became the most popular dish amongst us. Apart from that, we placed an order for Uzhunnu Vada, Ghee Roast, Masala Dosa, Chole Bhatura, and Coffee.


The Rasa Vada was served first and we were blown away. The crispy Parippu Vada drenched in Rasam and soaking in all its flavours was an absolute delight to have. The Vada got over within seconds of being served, and while everybody was relishing those last few bites of the Vada, I couldn’t resist myself from gulping down the mildly spiced yet flavourful Rasam. I could have easily had one more bowl of that Rasam for the tangy, spicy flavour it had. This was so tasty and refreshing that we were eagerly waiting for the mains to be served, since if we were to go by how the Rasa Vada tasted, the food was sure to not be a disappointment.


Soon, our remaining orders were on the table – the cone-shaped Ghee Roast with Vada, the Masala Dosa and the Chole Bhattura. On a slightly different note, I love how visually appealing the cone-shaped Dosas are! The Dosas were crispy and I was in love with the coconut chutney that accompanied it. The chutney wasn’t too spicy, yet packed with flavours and it was the perfect accompaniment. The Uzhunnu Vada was crispy, however, I found it to be a little too oily for my liking. There weren’t many takers for it for this very reason. A special mention must be made of the Masala Dosa here, because we got a generous serving of the masala as compared to the usual one spoon of potato masala that is hidden inside the Dosa at most places. The Bhatura was huge, puffed up well and crispy. However, the curry was a bit of a let down when you compare it with the rest of the food. It wasn’t the usual Chole Masala that you get with the Bhatura. This was more of a South Indian variant of it and hence, the flavour was a bit off for me. We polished off everything with a glass of strong coffee each, which was as good as we expected it to be.

This place is very reasonable and light on the pocket. Additionally, the waiters are very friendly and not in a rush to shoo you out as soon as you are done with your meal, although there is a space crunch and they would be grateful if you free the seat soon.


We had a perfect evening out with a high tea that filled our hearts and tummy. This is the perfect vegetarian hotel that you would want to visit if you are somewhere near the South Fort area in Trivandrum. If not for anything else, I am, for sure, going back for the super delicious Rasa Vadas that they serve.

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