RESTAURANT REVIEW: Truffles Bistro in Trivandrum Is Worth a Visit for Its Yummy Shakes and Burgers

Located in the Kuravankonam-Ambalamukku Road in Trivandrum, there’s a tiny bistro with a brown and white nameboard. This small place, Truffles Bistro, tucked away in a corner of the Kuravankonam Junction stole our hearts the first time we walked in, and ever since it has been our favourite place, catering to our hungry tummies with some yummy continental dishes and delicious shakes.

It’s a small café in terms of space with a seating capacity for a maximum of 20-25 people. The décor inside is simple and minimal, not too classy but elegant in its own way, with the turquoise blue walls adorned with posters and graffiti.


The menu has a range of burgers, steaks, sizzlers, sandwiches, pastas, and bakes, along with mocktails, shakes, faloodas and sundaes. They also have varieties of french fries and garlic bread, as well as chicken nuggets and chicken popcorn for starters.

Each of us in the family have different preferences when we come here. While my husband is an ardent fan of the burgers here (he claims these are the best he has had in Trivandrum), my brother loves the steaks and I love the pastas and subs.


The steaks and sizzlers are accompanied by garlic bread, boiled vegetables, and french fries/buttered rice. You get to choose your sauce while ordering the steak, but undoubtedly the best is the Truffles Special Sauce. The steaks are really juicy and succulent and generously dressed with your choice of sauce. The portion size is perfect for one person – not too less to want more nor too large to feel stuffed. I prefer the buttered rice, which is flavourful and herb infused, over the french fries. The burgers are served along with chips and you can even opt for double patties. There are so many options for burgers that you are spoilt for choice. However, the husband’s favourite is the Chicken Steak Burger. We’ve tried quite a few options and fell in love with each one of them. The patties are perfectly flavoured and juicy, the vegetable layers give it the crunchy twist, and a bite of the bun, vegetables, and patty is food heaven!

I am a huge fan of their Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce. The spaghetti is always cooked Al Dente and tossed in Pesto sauce, giving it a very herby and nutty flavour, along with a subtle garlicky hint to the pasta. However, if you do not like to be overloaded with cheese in your pasta, do tell them beforehand since generally, the Spaghetti in Pesto Sauce is quite cheesy. After the first time I had this dish here, I made it a point to tell them while placing the order itself to reduce the cheese, since I prefer the flavour of pasta over cheese.


Above all, if there is one thing that the entire family loves unanimously, it’s the Oreo Madness Shake. I have definitely reserved the best for the last! This is always our favourite way to end the meal here. Blended with ice cream and Oreo cookies, this is heaven and a delight even for those who do not have a sweet tooth. It’s thick in consistency and filling for the tummy. There have been many a times when we’ve gone there only to have the Oreo Shake and still come out as if we’ve had the perfect meal! Equally good is the Ministry of Chocolate shake, a more preferred choice for chocolate lovers.

We always end up here when we are in doubt as to where to go for a lunch/dinner. Run by four friends, their passion for food is visible in the food that is served here. The food takes time to be served once the order is placed, but no complaints since it’s worth the wait – fresh and tasty food and worth every penny. This place is a definite value for money and a must visit for all those who are on the lookout for good continental options in Trivandrum!

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