Restaurant Review: Ming Palace is a must visit for Chinese cuisine lovers

Our pick of the week, Ming Palace, Thrissur is easily the best Chinese restaurant in town. Ming Palace at Pathans Complex in Round South is the first restaurant in Thrissur dedicated only to Chinese cuisine. The restaurant which was established more than 20 years ago is a favourite among its patrons, thanks to the pocket friendly menu and the quality of food.

It was after much hype that I decided to travel to Thrissur to visit Ming Palace. The first impression on setting our sights on the Restaurant was bewilderment! It looked nothing like we had hoped to see! We had to look twice to spot the plain ordinary place. The dining area was dimly lit. The staircase to the entrance was narrow and hardly fit us. As we entered we caught the first whiff of heavenly Chinese food.

The first thing we noticed when our eyes adjusted to the dim lights finally was that the place was fully packed.

We were shown to our tables after about 5 minutes the bearer handed out menu cards (which were read under the torch light from our phones). After a long discussion the famous American Chopsuey of Ming palace, Crispy Chicken, Bangkok beef, Fried Rice, Prawn Masala, Beijing Chicken and Minced Beef Chopsuey reached our tables!

American Chopsuey is one of the preferred dishes by the foodies who come here. Fried noodles, vegetables and tomato sauce are used to make this crispy dish. A special egg bullseye is placed on top before serving it to the customer.

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The stars of the day were definitely the American Chopsuey and the Minced Beef Chopsuey. The American Chopsuey was the saucier one while the Minced Beef Chopsuey was the spicier one and both the dishes definitely lived up to the hype! We digged in with such enthusiasm and vigor that the plates were polished off in seconds!


The fried rice was also loved with the sweet crunchy crispy chicken, Beijing chicken and the Bangkok beef tingled and set fireworks in our senses!

The Beijing chicken a semi gravy dish and the Bangkok beef a semi dry item had a tough race on which is the better side dish, which I believe ended with a tie.

Schezwan Triple Fried Rice has a combination of three types of rice and noodles. It has fried rice, steamed noodles as well as crispy noodles. All these are topped with shredded pieces of chicken and gravy so that this tasty platter can be eaten without any side dish.

All in all a truly gratifying experience!

The food indeed deserves four stars while the ambience deserves three. The place is quite ordinary while the food is extraordinary!

They could do away with the wannabe romantic lighting which was quite a handicap as I nearly tripped over on my way to the bathroom.

The Chinese staff added to the charm of the place

The place is definitely a must visit, more so if you are a Chinese food lover.

Bon appetite!

The Tasty Life Recommendations: Beijing Chicken, American Chopsuey, Bangkok Beef

Restaurant Name: Ming Palace.


Pathans Building, 2nd Floor, Round South Road, Thrissur

This review has been written by The Tasty Life.

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