Restaurant Review: Vintage Decor Meets Chic Food at Sixth Avenue Cafe & Patisserie

Sophisticated, vintage, victorian or chic! We are not sure what describes the Sixth Avenue Cafe & Patisserie best. The interiors are serene, beautiful and charming, with large French windows and cheerful decor. The turquoise lamp and quirky antiques make this place a classy one. The tasteful furniture and decor adds a positive vibe to the entire place.

Soup is said to lift the spirits and stimulate one’s appetite in a way no other dish can. We tried the Blue Lady Mushroom Soup, with and without chicken. The soups came dressed in all white and had a creamy texture, with pieces of mushrooms and chicken in the non-veg one. The zest of mint and olive oil was lost somewhere in between the creaminess. We personally loved the veg soup because in every sip, the flavour of the mushroom stood out well.

Chicken Cheese Croquettes is our first love, when it comes to starters at Sixth Avenue. The crunchiness in every bite leads to a smile, when you meet up with the melted cheese which lies within. This is a well-crafted dish.

Chicken Skewers

Another classic dish we tried is chicken satay aka Chicken Skewer with BBQ sauce. The savory grilled lean sheet of chicken marinated in barbecue sauce was just above average. The flavor did not quite stick out for us. The salads we opted for were the Apple Corn Salad and Waldorf Salad. We recommend the Waldorf Salad any day. Iceberg lettuce, chopped walnuts, tiny bits of fresh celery, a baby handful of raisins, all tossed in mayonnaise makes the Waldorf crunchy and delectable. The tanginess of lemon is also blended smoothly into the salad.

The grilled chicken did not appeal to us at was semi cooked and a tad bland.

Chicken Club Sandwich is always a safe option to order in any coffee shop and mostly it never fails. The Sixth Avenue touch definitely worked well for us. Layered with chicken, fried egg and grated veggies enclosed in toasted bread slices, the sandwich was definitely a hunger killer.

Wanting to try something different than Alfredo, we opted for the Avenue Special Pasta. Shredded chicken, chili flakes, oregano, and well-cooked penne pasta amalgamated in their special sauce. The sauce was a mixture of white, pesto and creamy spinach sauces, along with a dash of tomato paste. It was flavourful but we missed our Alfredo.

The Legendary Crunchy Burger is a must try for burger lovers. The crunchy chicken patty  and a generous amount of lettuce, tomatoes and cheese are stuffed in the middle of the homemade sesame bun. The burger was undoubtedly the star of the show.

bloody mary

For drinks, we tried the Classic Green Apple Mojito & Bloody Mary. As the name suggests, the mojito was a classic and the diced green apple, mint leaves and lime made for a refreshing drink. Sugar, salt and black pepper made the Bloody Mary pungent.


There’s always room for some dessert in one’s heart and tummy. We chose the Avenue Special Waffle, Custard Brownie, and the Red Velvet Cake. Waffling after a good meal is always good for the health, we believe. The waffles were topped with cream, strawberries, ice cream, sprinkles and chocolate syrup. But they couldn’t wake up our taste buds. Our palates felt heavenly as we tried the custard brownie. In a cup it came and swept us away. It was fluffy, creamy and divine. The Red Velvet Cake was way too sweet for us though.

Sixth Avenue is located at P.T. Usha Road, Calicut. It is an aesthetically designed cafe located in the city and is open till late in the night.

The Tasty Life tasted and recommended dishes: Green Apple Mojito, Chicken Cheese Croquettes, Waldorf Salad, Chicken Club Sandwich and Legendary Crunchy Burger.

Restaurant: Sixth Avenue Cafe & Patisserie

Location: Baby Arcade, P.T. Usha Road, Opposite Taj Gateway Hotel, Kozhikode, Kerala, 673032

This review has been written by The Tasty Life

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