Kollam SI Faces Action over ‘Mukesh Missing’ Complaint

The Sub-Inspector (SI) who had accepted a complaint from Youth Congress members that Kollam MLA Mukesh is missing and given a receipt in return may soon collect a transfer order as a ‘token of appreciation’ from the side of the government. Action against Kollam West Police SI N. Gireesh has been recommended by his senior colleagues, sources told to The Kochi Post.

However, sources say the action will not be serious in nature. The SI would be transferred within the district during the shuffling of officers. Mr. Gireesh has been asked to go on compulsory leave for two weeks.

Mr. Gireesh was approached by around 25 Youth Congress members who filed a complaint that the newly elected MLA was missing from the constituency. Mr. Gireesh accepted the complaint and gave the receipt. This action from the part of SI has been frowned upon. Critics opined that SI should at least have picked up the phone and called the MLA, whereas some others say that if such complaints come before a public servant, it is his/her duty to address the issue.

Mr. Girish told The Kochi Post that he is unaware of the fact that he might be transferred. He said that he hasn’t received any official news regarding the same. The SI didn’t respond to further questions regarding the issue.

Youth Congress Kollam Assembly President Vishnu Sunil said, “If a police official accepts a complaint and gives a paper in return to the complainant, it cannot be taken as a serious issue. Enquiry in the case only comes later.”

Mr. Vishnu added that, “On Saturday, a District Development Committee (DDC) was called in Kollam Collectorate. Out of 11 MLAs from the district, only Mr. Mukesh was absent. Also, the Minister from the district Mercy Kutty Amma had called a couple of meetings in the last two weeks. In these meetings, around 7 or 8 MLAs were present. And those who could not attend the meeting has sent their representatives. But Mr. Mukesh failed to do both. After the bomb attack took place in Kollam Collectorate, even ministers visited the place. But Mr. Mukesh didn’t go there.”

In response to the complaint filed by Youth Congress activists, Mr. Mukesh said they should have at least enquired in his office. He even took a dig at the Congress by saying he had joined the “Rahul Club”, making a reference to Rahul Gandhi’s frequent disappearances.

The SI seems to have been made the scapegoat in this issue that has been blown out of proportion. The complainant has received his 15 minutes of fame. And the strong reaction from those in power has ensured this political stunt has come full circle.

Main photograph by Augustus Binu/www.dreamsparrow.net

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