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Melissa Jinraj
Sambar has been on my “try to make” list for a few years now. I never really like Sambar much unless we are in Kochi at my mother-in-law’s house. Her Sambar is truly crave-worthy, but whenever I order it back home in San Francisco it always tastes watery and I am never able to eat more than a couple spoonfuls. This week was the week I actually decided to “try to make” Sambar and cross it off my intangible list. Read More
By Melissa Jinaraj
Ranjini Haridas
So obviously I’m not amused or shocked at the response to my stand on not killing the innocent stray dogs. I mean it’s me and hence everyone has to take that as a God given opportunity to abuse, malign my character and of course not to forget the influx of sexual content in a lot of those reactions. Wonder why, oh wait I’m a woman so naturally that’s a given. After a fair bit of deliberation I felt it was necessary to make my stand clear on the issue. So here goes, fully knowing that this is only going to further the lewd comments and personal abuses coming my way, so bring it on! Read More
By Ranjini Haridas

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