RAK Airways refunds passengers booked through its Calicut GSA

RAK 737-400 - 4RAK Airways has sent The Kochi Post a statement stating that they have refunded all passengers with tickets issued from Calicut.

“Further to the earlier statement of suspension of commercial operations of RAK Airways effective 1 January 2014, the airline would like to state that ‘We have already refunded all of our passengers with tickets issued by our GSA office ( Great India Business Pvt. Ltd), in India in full amounting to INR 12, 499, 500. For those passengers who have travelled from Calicut, we have arranged and bought for them tickets for their return journey on other airlines.’

For those tickets issued under BSP, we are still waiting for the process to be completed by the IATA BSP and it will be refunded by 31 January 2014.”


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