Kerala’s trolling champion, troll Malayalam

At The Kochi Post HQ, we have tried at had at memes and had some success. It is a lot of hard work and needs to be timed right – not too soon, not too late. Troll Malayalam is one good example, their trolls and meme have hit the spot with a lot of Malayalees around the world. In a short time span, it has built its base to over 5000 fans. Here are some examples of their work:








We managed to find its creator, Sarath Menon, and asked him a few questions:

What made you start Troll Malayalam?

First of all its because of being a Malayali. I was actually following a few memes and troll pages in Facebook. First it was an idea of starting something like Troll India or Desi Trolls. But there was already a few Indian troll pages, then the idea ends up in having this page Troll Malayalam. The things which people draw or imagine in these memes and trolls are really what normal people think or do. When ever I saw some, I feel like yeah its me or it have happened to me which made me to think of a Malayalam version of it.

What do you live for a living? Lot’s of free time?1013917_10151744779209282_772473902_n

Professionally am working as Business development manager for a private firm here in Qatar. Its been five to six years here. There is no free time exactly, but I get support from two content creators and try to schedule the post for the next day before I go to bed.

Do you do it all by yourself? Or do people contribute?

Yeah as I said, Samuel John who joined me few months back as content creator. A lot of people message me requesting to join our team but the problem is that we try to post things pretty different from other normal Malayalam pages. So people who join us should be creative to think differently with these memes and trolls. Now i got another addition from last week. His name is Asif. Looking forward for more people.

Have you considered a Social Media career?

I never see this as a career. I am a football follower and i have another page for my favorite football club. I feels like this is a way of communication. I know people who earns a lot through these pages. I do earn good with my job, so this is just a time pass. Don’t know, may be in future things can turn around.

What are your future plans? T-Shirts?

Well am planning to invest few dollars to get more audience through Facebook ads and all. We are not having the reach for our hard work. T-shirts and all need a lot of time and concentration, or I should quit my job and go for it. And if I quit my job that will be for movies. Am so much passionate about films. Actually I am wannabe film maker, dream of becoming a film director. Even I spend my part time, holidays in doing short films, documentaries. Have had the opportunity to work with Mira Nair.



Jacob is a digital communications professional based in Singapore and a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Communication Science at the Technical University at Dresden, Germany.

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