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Ranjini Haridas

Ranjini Haridas

What in the world is a MACOCA?

Wake up to a beautiful rainy morning and the first thing I’m hit with is not my regular warm cup of coffee but the news that cricketer Sreesanth has been denied bail based on the invoking of MACOCA.

An inquisitive mind as such thus began an intensive search on google, my best friend of late, as to what the heck a MACOCA was. Never heard of it before, was never before even remotely interested but now somehow I wanted to know.

So here is what my Google guru spat out. Firstly, it wasn’t Macoca but MCOCA, a short for the ‘Maharashtra Control of OrganisedCrime Act’ and further went on to explain what it was.

Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act, 1999 (MCOCA) is a law enacted by Maharashtra state in 1999 to combat organised crime and terrorism. The preamble to MCOCA says that ‘the existing legal framework, i.e., the penal and procedural laws and the adjudicatory system, are found to be rather inadequate to curb or control the menace of organised crime. Government has, therefore, decided to enact a special law with stringent and deterrent provisions including in certain circumstances power to intercept wire, electronic or oral communication to control the menace of organised crime.’

Unlike normal law, the confessions before senior police officers are admissible, not only against the accused giving the confession but also against the other accused in the same case. There is no provision for granting anticipatory bail for six months to the accused.

Hmmm…read? Yes. Understood? No!

So there is a special act that can screw you over incase they cant find enough proof against you. Comforting. Isn’t it?

I mean, tell me this, when did the matchfixing allegations open its way into the underworld, Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel? and damn, it has been a while since we heard from the D company right?

I have wondered often what they’ve been up to off late. Where had they gone and when they would resurface? And voila, here they are right in the middle of the hottest scandal in town. Well done you guys!

Now back to the topic at hand, got distracted, sorry!

Why is that the likes of Vindoo and Meiyappan were given bail but not sreesanth and his fellow accused? Why wasn’t the Mcoca act invoked against Vindoo, Gurunathan and the bookies?

How did terrorism suddenly make way into all this?

And finally what the heck is going on in this world? Is everyone stupid or just acting dumb?

Didn’t everyone know that bollywood, cricket and any other major moneymaking industry has the underworld working closely in tune with it? Don’t tell me all this is a sudden realisation and newly found information.

The underworld or the mafia threaten bookies, politicains, cricketers actors or whoever else they want to and pretty much do anything to get what they want. We’ve all known that and yes, that’s what makes them the underworld.Something we or our legal, judicial system cannot control.We have tried and failed innumerable times as statistics will show.

So we know where the crime has originated or so says the investigators, good job. But now what, well obviously go catch them and bring them to justice right? No, we’ve tried that before. Havent we?

So what’s the next best option? Just make life difficult for all the ones caught in the middle, make a scapegoat of a few of them, destroy their lives, career, future and then take the focus off the bad guys until soon they go back into their world down below. The same old story all over again.

Aren’t we bored of this all? Seriously?

If the accused cricketers did do something wrong ofcourse they need to be punished.

I personally find it hard to believe that the team owners and people involved had no clue about all this. I mean, come on, who are we kidding? If an exam paper was leaked someone had to leak it right? Same principle applies here.

But I thought the mantra was innocent until proven guilty right? So how about we all just wait and see where all this is going and who has done what before we jump to our own conclusions about things we know nothing of?

I mean, take a break guys. Stop passing judgement on someone as if you know the guy. Every story has different versions, try listening to them all before you pass judgement. If at all you are worthy to pass one in the first place.

Lets not forget, what is right or wrong is subjective depending on the circumstances one is in. So if you don’t know the whole story why bother even making the effort?

PS: As for MCOCA, My Comments Offered here are not open to Controversies and Altercations, hopefully! :)

Ranjini Haridas is a media professional based in Kochi. 


Jacob is a digital communications professional based in Singapore and a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Communication Science at the Technical University at Dresden, Germany.

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