My side of the story, Ranjini Haridas on the “Airport incident”.

Ranjini Haridas

Ranjini Haridas

The below is an account of what happened on Thursday, 16 May 2013 at Kochi International Airport, according to Ranjini Haridas.

She emailed us her side of the story. Surprisingly, she mentioned that no one else asked her for her version of events.

The Kochi Post had earlier written about the incident. If Mr Binoy, the accused in the case, has a different take on what happened, we would be happy to publish his version of the incident.

A lot has been said about the recent “Ranjini Haridas airport incident” in the past ten days and the extreme comments and reactions it has garnered on various social networking sites are, to be honest, quite a read.

I for one find the whole thing extremely funny. I learnt through first hand experience that nobody really cares for what the truth of the matter actually is. I mean, come on, how many of these so-called reporters, bloggers, site users have actually taken the trouble of calling up the police and finding out what the heck happened?

I know I haven’t received any calls from any online magazines or online newspapers to get my side. So how is this then fair reporting?

Every story has more than one side to it. In this particular case Mr Binoy’s, the now unsung hero to many so called Ranjini haters (a growing club by the looks of it :->) and of course, mine. Obviously, since I did not put out the version out there it is clear that my story would be quite different.

So for anyone who has the time of day to spare a couple of minutes and base your decision and comments on a fair hearing of both sides, this is what actually happened, my version.

I arrived with my team members from San Francisco via Dubai to Kochi on Thursday, the 16th of May landing at 0335. As I was a business class passenger, as soon as I landed I went towards the business class queue for immigration.

Unfortunately, there was no staff present at that counter and hence I joined one of the other queues that was present. It was peak incoming traffic at the airport around close to a thousand people were present on and off.

Once I was done with the immigration clearance, I joined the hand baggage clearance queue where all the people from every counter had to come into a single line and hence the queue was very long winding and confusing to the point we struggled to find the end of it.

While I was in queue, I had another actress who was on the same flight from Dubai, Asha Sharath with me, we were talking to each other when the rest of my team members namely Suraj Venjaramood, Muktha, Arun Gopan etc., cut inline in front of Asha Sharath and I.

When they cut inline in front of me, I told my team members jokingly, “that’s not fair, don’t cut inline in front of us, if you want, you can stand behind us” and moved back up to the original place we were at.

Once the queue moved forward a little bit I got really tired of standing as I have a back problem and told Asha Sharath and the rest of my team that I am going to stand right here in the middle and when you come from my left side to my right side in the queue I will join behind you again.

Now, the incident that made me file the case against Mr Binoy.

As I was standing there, I heard a passenger from behind call out to me and say, “Don’t think we didn’t see you cut the line,” to which I replied, “I didn’t cut the line”.

The same passenger along with a few others started repeating the accusation to which my reply was “I didn’t cut the line, the people who came with me cut the line if you have a problem, talk to them”.

All the other passengers behaved all right but Mr Binoy and his wife continued their accusation of the same raising their voice to which I raised my voice and denied the whole thing. The next thing I know Mr Binoy starts hurling abuses at me in the following manner-

Ninte line cut cheyyalokke njangalkariyaam…ninde ilakkom chattom okke tv yil ninde mathonmardaduthu mathi…nee anuungale kandittilla…nee aaranna ninde vichaarom..ninde thandedaduthu poyi paranjaal mathi and to the point he even called me a thevidishi.

I kept arguing back trying to tell them I hadn’t done anything wrong but by the time Mr Binoy had gone on an attack spree aiming at my profession, family and character, which was uncalled for.

By this time the immigration officers got involved and told me to immediately file a complaint against the passenger for abusing me. Following that I filed an official written complain with the airport terminal manager, who contacted the local police who came to the scene. I was asked whether I would settle for an apology and when I said no they took down my statement and a case was registered against Mr Binoy. I then went back home and slept.

When I woke up around 5pm I was inundated with calls from a couple of media channels and newspapers asking me about the incident. I was then informed that another version of the incident had gone viral and through television channels and the following day newspapers.

Mr Binoy’s version of this incident, which accuses me of abusing him and his wife, calling them names with no reference to any of his doings. I was later informed that a counter case was filed against me citing the same reasons.

Now, anyone who reads this can think that this is something I cooked up in my head to escape the situation but if you guys give the local Nedumbassery police station officials a call, you will realize the truth. You could also clarify this with the several artistes who were present there and even the airport officials who were on duty there that morning.

As for some reports that say that I used influence and tried to behave like a celebrity. Guys, I’m a woman first. Celebrity or not, no individual has the right to call me names and abuse me or anyone else the way Mr Binoy did. Not to forget his choice of words were so hardcore that I was surprised he didn’t care that his two little kids were present there along with loads of other travelling passengers including women and kids.

What kind of example are people like him setting for the coming generations? That you can say anything to anyone and get away with it? I’m sorry, I’m not one of those people who is just going to shut up, ignore it and walkaway.

So yeah, I reacted. I should’ve given him a tight slap across his face which is less than what he deserved but I didn’t. I took the legal route.

It’s really amusing to me that the very person who some are calling a hero for teaching me a so called lesson are the type of elements in a society that keep us backward. By us, I mean women, some people think they can say anything to a woman and get away with it. Sorry, not happening and definitely not with me!

As for all the fools who reacted to the news without clarifying the facts, I feel only sorry for you. Sorry that people like you exist, sorry that we still, at large, are a society that at every opportunity given, likes to mentally, morally and emotionally pull someone down. Especially be it a strong independent woman who speaks her mind.

Kaala pettu ennu kettu kazhar eduthodunna oru samooham! Such is the reality of the world we live in, funny, isnt it?

As for the case, if anyone is interested, is still under enquiry and there is no way I will settle out of court or anywhere else as some reports say.

The whole experience has only made me stronger and firmer in my convictions and beliefs and there is no way any of this is going to affect or change the person I am. Purely because I know that the truth is on my side, if I was wrong, I would be the first one to apologize and back off but if you make a mockery of what actually happened and turn it and twist it into an online thamaasha,  I’m not going to keep quiet about it. I will react and will continue to do so till justice is done.

Before I wind up just a question that I have been meaning to ask. Is this really one of the most discussed topics online nowadays? I mean, come on! Don’t people have anything better to do than discuss a small incident in the life of Ranjini Haridas?

Now the important question is, who blew it all out of proportion? And why? The answer to that my friends, will open several doors of realisation  The existence of chauvinistic egoistic male counterparts with huge inferiority complexes will come into light.

Men who can only react within the frames of anonymity, men who celebrate the oppression of women, men who can’t stand the sight of a successful, self thinking, hardworking woman of today.

This is not about Ranjini Haridas. It never really was. I’m just a mere representative of all women like me out there. And we say, bring it on!


Jacob is a digital communications professional based in Singapore and a doctoral candidate at the Institute of Communication Science at the Technical University at Dresden, Germany.


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  • May 25, 2013

    Francis Mathew

    I wonder why airports do not have a separate facility for VIPs to clear their formalities and get out of there as quickly as possible. In the case of Ranjini, being a celebrity, and since she can afford to pay extra money to avail such facilities. It will be appreciated much if such facilities are available for people who can afford by paying extra cash.

    Such incidents will repeat again. Instead of Ranjini, if it would have been Mohanlal or any minister, Binoy would have just kept his mouth shut. I feel really irritated when people cross over and get their work done. Today, in LuLu hypermarket in Dubai, I reacted and told another buyer to stand behind because he came second. He happened to be another Indian or Pakistani.

    After hearing both sides, I am unable to judge who did what wrong. But if Binoy said all these third rate allegations as Ranjini claims, that too in front of his wife and children, he needs to be taught how to behave in public. At the same time, life on stage and off stage are different. Controlling your emotions that too when one is a celebrity is a key factor of success. Ranjini should remember that she is going different places meeting different people and people may react either today or tomorrow when they get a chance.

    I believe this is what happened to Sreesanth. He made more enemies than friends with his bad mouth and actions although he was a very talented player.

  • May 25, 2013

    Ceena Alex

    What I don’t understand is that she had mentioned about the back pain and standing in the middle insted of in the queue. How can it eases off while standing in the middle? Or was she doing any stretching exercises?

    I have to agree it is really annoying while people tried to cut the queue and even if someone is standing in the middle it is giving out an impression that they are going to jump the queue.

  • I really wonder, was there any CCTV cameras at the airport? That will bring out the real incident. Provided the fact that police have taken up the case, they might get access to the footage?

  • May 25, 2013

    Aghosh Babu

    @Ranjini Haridas : I hate your shows on TV. I think you are one of the worst anchors/hosts ever. I hate your presentation and I hate that other anchors aspire to be more like you moreover, I strongly despise people who say they like you. And the same way actors are loved for the characters they play, I have, over time, developed a strong hatred for you as a person for your performances on TV.

    That being said, I think your version of story makes more sense and I think what was done to you was immoral and unjust. While the social media was flooding with posts about what happened, I couldn’t help but wonder if you could really be as obnoxious as they described. Calling a woman a whore, whoever she is, whatever she does is beneath all so called “moral codes” that people are so painfully trying to uphold (only via sharing Facebook posts from joke pages made for the sole purpose of social validation).

    In short, what I am trying to say here is that, no one has any right to tell you how to live your life. I don’t know what happened at the airport, but if your version is true, which I now strongly believe that it is, I sincerely hope you get justice, but our society at large being what it is, I highly doubt it.

  • May 25, 2013


    I am really disappointed at how the airport to the matter. Regardless of who is at fault, business and upper class travelers have paid the aircraft to be paid differently and in this case, Emirates should have offered off-board convenience which they usually do. The airport is at fault for not extending their facilities for privileged travelers. Public opinion like that of Binoy’s should have a deaf ear cast upon. There are people who hate others for doing better than themselves in life. Matters like these should be allowed to slide since they can easily jeopardize one’s career and public image.

  • May 25, 2013

    Kiran Raj

    CCTVs are fake. I think Ranjini rocks!

  • May 25, 2013

    Jincy Rojy

    I like this girl as an anchor! I think she makes Asianet more interesting to watch rather than all the rubbish serials on it! I think the Indian men find her a threat and it makes them loose their dominance! Haha, you know that moochie on their lips! hhahaha.

  • May 25, 2013

    Vin (@vinuvij)

    Separate immigration line for business class passengers ? That’s a first and never heard about.. I know business class passengers are let out first from the aircraft but a separate immigration line for them never exist any where in the world.

  • May 25, 2013

    Sayed Mohd Rishad

    Ithinethire shakthamayi prathishedikkanam . . Mukyamantri Raajivekkanam :)

    Grr. . Do i not have anything better to read at this time !? . . lol

    Well . . Social Media Hangover! Justice Ranjini.

  • May 25, 2013

    Rajendraprasad Govind

    @Agosh I am sure you are so inmature to hate somebody you don’t know Ranjini. I too don’t but your hate is uncalled for. She has talent and that’s why she has come so far.

  • May 26, 2013

    Athira Juliana Crispin

    Ranjini, nice to finally hear your view. I’ve been asking people in my contact list to not jump the gun until the judicial verdict is out – both in your’s and sreesanth’s case. I’ve also been disturbed by all the social media jokes and sadism going around – like you mentioned it really does open several door of realisation.

    One thing though, I want to clarify is – towards the beginning of the article you said NO BODY CONTACTED YOU from media to hear your version. But towards the end you said I GOT FEW CALLS AT 5 PM from couple of channels and media, COULD YOU PLEASE CLARIFY? Not sure if they are real, but Mr.Binoy’s voice account and written were released asap. As a channel employee and media personnel – how is that you didnt avail the services to give your account. Are cctv footages, account of police who were present or other staff on duty, terminal officer’s account, your team member’s account not going to come out through tv? Why the delay?

    How realistic is it to expect to everyone to go and contact these people personally? Because all of us want you to be able to present your account effectively by substantiating with those mentioned above. I know it’s easier said that done to ask you to behave prudently when such unfortunate events happen. I’m sure you are trying and hope you get better at it. Our prayers are with you. God bless and keep up the resilience!

  • May 26, 2013

    Jose Abraham

    To Ranjani and other women in Kerala: You are living in a patriarchal society where the men, right from tender age are taught to be Master-Lord-God of all. Frankly the whole community stinks. Its just like any of those “khap’ panchayat of the Northern belt.

    The sadistic pleasure of most of the male specimen in Kerala are repulsive, uncouth, rude and extends to the level of of moral policing. They profile a woman on the basis of her looks, make-over, the way she dresses and pass judgement, but secretly salivate like rabid dogs.

    Sad that this state with high level of literacy has failed because the men lack common sense and wisdom. As for the young parents here’s my advice – bring up your boys with right values in life. First of, teach them to respect women. If you could eavesdrop and listen to a post primary student they address even their teach “aval’ ‘avan; etc and followed by a profanity. As for Benoy, grow up man. Wonder what your wife has to say about your behaviour – or has she been ‘ordered’ by you to “shut up”? Ps:- I can already hear the abuses that will follow this comment. Frankly I care a damn. Dogs Bark, but the Caravan Moves on. Sincerely Yours, Jose Abraham

  • May 26, 2013

    Beena Philip

    @vin We have a separate immigration line for business class passengers in Dubai. We receive a priority card in business class and we can use it at the immigration counter!

  • May 26, 2013

    Anita Jeyan Sandeep

    “The existence of chauvinistic egoistic male counterparts with huge inferiority complexes will come into light.” – this is a killer line, Ranjini. Even though I am neither a fan nor a hater, I really think all who hate you are just plain jealous. And your version of the story makes sense. Mr. Binoy seems to be a representative of all Malayalee men who cannot stand the sight of women who work and earn in the same society that he lives.

  • Truth alone prevails :)

    Leave the “Ranjini @ Airport” topic and concentrate on Bigger things like the spot fixing at IPL!

    PS: Dey Sreesanth, next time u go shopping, get me a Diesel Jeans (Waist size 34) Carbon Black Color, regular cut.

  • May 26, 2013

    Jishnu Saji

    Does Ranjini Haridas hold a red passport or something?
    If she had back pain or something, she should’ve gone and sat somewhere and not at the middle of the queue.
    If those thousands can stand in the queue, why can’t she ? But he isn’t that perfect too.

  • May 26, 2013

    PM Harris

    Renjini, cool. We all appreciate your hard work and dedication in your profession and public and personal life. See this is life and for sure you will meet more and more Binoys and Madam Binoys.

    I think it was all a misunderstanding. And dear, please don’t push yourself into the path of feminists, let us try to be good human beings with humanitarian considerations. All men are not Binoys and I know Renjini is a rare brilliant breed. Miles to go before you sleep. May God bless you.

    NB: I wish we will have more Emigration Counters at our high profit making CIAL airport soon.

  • May 26, 2013

    Beena Philip

    The world will not be safe for our daughters, if we don’t teach our sons to respect women.
    The culture we are raising our girls in. We are sending the message that it’s their fault for men leering and unwanted advances simply because they are attractive. We are teaching our girls that it is their responsibility to keep themselves safe from men. Meanwhile, men are protected from and treated as victims of their hormones.
    Kids are watching and learning and reflect the culture of their family.

    If we call ourselves a generation of empowered women and informed mothers, surely the least we can do is to ensure our sons are not the ones responsible for a woman’s discomfort at any level in the future.

    Fathers are an important role model in this context. Your son is watching you, subconsciously copying your every action, your driving style and perhaps also the way you talk. But remember that he is also observing how you interact with the women around you and is likely to imitate that without question too.

    Let’s stop teaching our girls that their pants are too tight and their makeup is too heavy. Let’s stop putting our girls into boxes of shame and submission. Let’s stand up for our girls. Teach our sons that they need to control their raging hormones and respect all women. Then maybe our girls will be safe and our boys will learn self-discipline and respect for others.

  • May 26, 2013

    Limin Mathew

    What I dont understand is why this entire incodent has escalated to such abominable levels. Celebrity – trashing is not something new, its part and parcel of the game.If, it was all about women, do not forget, Mr. Binoy’s wife was also involved in the tirade. Secondly, why did Ranjni have to sit in the middle of the queue. Did she think she would get away with it coz she was a host on Asianet. Also, this happens everyday at supermarkets, train stations and bus stops. The common man, fights, tolerates and moves on(not the chalta hai attitude, but the ‘ why should I care about such petty things’ attitude ). Don’t make it an issue about woman. There are lot out there fighting for pertinent reasons.

  • May 26, 2013

    Vin Ish Vasu Devan

    “So yeah, I reacted. I should’ve given him a tight slap across his face which is less than what he deserved but I didn’t. I took the legal route.” wish she had done that – which could be defined as a physical assault.

    Problem with her version of story
    “As I was a business class passenger“ If she was a B class traveler and if B Class counter empty why did she ask the responsible person to provide the service and it was her right to get the service as she (or whoever) paid for Bclass, that too when she had a back pain. Even if the counter was empty she only had to go and stand in front, certainly one of the emigration officers would have attended or would have called her to their counter without any fuss.

    “When they cut inline in front of me, I told my team members jokingly, “that’s not fair, don’t cut inline in front of us, if you want, you can stand behind us” and moved back up to the original place we were at.” It was a joke for her to allow people ahead of her!!!!!!, so what do people standing behind the queue would do if everyone in front has their friends to occupy ahead.

    Now the situation as she explain she let someone in front of her then she goes out of the queue – which is perfect and logical in any culture as it is a replacement and people behind the queue are not affected in terms of TIME. Now when she comes back to the queue all the people who said she cut the queue are right as she became additional TIME for the people behind her.

    Of course I don’t agree to the verbal abuses that happened and one cannot say who is right or wrong but what lead to it is clearly her fault.

    1. She did not ask for her right, by standing in the empty B class counter – she should set an example for others by asking for her right if she was not attended.
    2. She has caused inconvenience to other passengers in the queue in terms of TIME

  • May 26, 2013

    Jyotsna K Nanu

    It’s good that you spoke up. Not many people express themselves inspite of who holds the truth. There are always many versions of an incident and except for the people involved, no one should “ideally” comment. However that never happens and the media and our society has, till date, used every opportunity to defame and demean a girl so that they get to see the downfall of a person they envy. I cant call them anything better than a loser!

  • May 26, 2013

    Sajid Musthafa

    @Beena Philip…. There is Check in counter Seprate for Business Class and Not Special Immigration in Dubai Terminal 3 2 or 1

  • @Sajid, there is a separate line for Business Class passengers at Dubai Immigration. You just need to show your boarding bass.

  • May 26, 2013

    Sajid Musthafa

    Why do Police file a Case Against Ranjini checking CCTV footage? If KS Chithra a woman has cut the line, no one of the “Man” would question that but Ranjini does No one of the Men keep Quite. Sachin and Sreesanth are different (in behaviour) some get respect some get hatred.

  • May 26, 2013

    Sam Kunneswaran

    I have traveled to 18 countries in the world in First, Business and economy classes. I am yet to get to an immigration counter where they have special lines for First or business class passengers! When it comes to immigration counters they do not have special lines for different classes. However I have seen counters for handicapped people, diplomats and flight crews.,

  • May 26, 2013

    Sam Kunneswaran

    I have been to Dubai 22 times in the last 4 years. Many times in First or Business Class. I am not aware of any special counter for BUSINESS CLASS passengers on the immigration side. Of course there are CHECK IN counters specifically for FIRST/BUSINESS/PRIORITY ACCESS fliers. I have never seen a special counter for VIP clients either!!! What is a VIP flier??? Do they have a special passport??? Unless you are a diplomat, flight crew, handicapped, you have to stand in line on the immigration counter just like everyone else. Sometimes when you land, your flight is the only one at the time and first/business class passengers get to be in front of the queue early on unless they decide to go to a duty free shop before immigration. If I am misinformed about Dubai having BUSINESS CLASS counter, please let me know.

  • @Sam, that is sad. It is a well know fact that almost all airports have ‘fast track’ immigration counters for first and business class passengers. Here are some links,

  • Wow, 22 years and you didn’t know. In Dubai, you can get Marhaba service for VIPs (Corporate guests and family) by paying extra ( There is also a separate terminal if you are flying your own plane or charter.

    If you are flying first or business,

  • May 26, 2013

    Sabi Deepak

    Mr. Jose Abraham, I agree with you 100%. And this is the first site, where I have seen a lot of decent comments and discussions where the subject of Ranjini Haridas is involved. In all the other sites, the men are hell bent on calling women names and new Malayalam profanities are added to the dictionary every 15 seconds. We live in a society where our mothers teach us not to laugh aloud just because we belong to the female of the species. And when we give birth to girls, we are showered with sympathy from all corners of the earth. One of my aunts even came out with a suggestion of adopting a male child just because I wasn’t able to give birth to a male. She is a well educated lady. She is open enough to adoption, but still not open enough to the idea of bringing up two girls. That well defines the whole attitude of the Indian patriarchal society and it says how well our women are brain washed into believing this. So its not surprising that Mr Binoy Cherian’s wife reacted like this. She should have taught her husband first and foremost how to treat other women with respect. And I am pretty much sure that Mr Binoy Cherian will be hurling the same verbal abuses at his wife on a daily or hourly basis. I pity the poor woman that she ended up with such a man, and hundreds of other women for that matter. 99% of the women keep quiet when men start with their name-calling charade.Only if we women start reacting, will this come to an end. So my dear fellow lady friends, as the saying goes… begin at home for a better society and better men.

  • May 26, 2013

    Sam Kunneswaran

    @Jacob … Thank you for those links. Those are direct arrangements by the airlines. From my understanding those services are only extended to Premier clients (Premier clients are not First or Business class passengers – They are frequent travelers with tiered level priority access). I was in HONG KONG about 4 months back. I flew first class on Cathay Pacific and I had to wait just like every other passengers! I had my immigration done in Miami last week and I was flying back to Miami from Venezuela in Business class. My wait at the immigration counter was 1.5 hours. I live in USA and a frequent flier. USA immigration does have a global entry automatic immigration counter where you can just swipe your passport without staying in line. I have applied for it, but it takes months and many inquiries before I can get approved.

  • May 26, 2013

    Sam Kunneswaran

    @ Jacob … Thank you for the links again. Those are special perks certain airlines arranged directly with immigration departments. It doesn’t mean I can fly American Airlines (I am a platinum member) and get a fast track immigration check out. Thank you for the MARHABA link. Luckily I haven’t experienced any long delays in Dubai or matter of fact any airports including Nedumbassery on my travels.

  • May 26, 2013

    Beena Philip

    From my experience, you do get a fast track card when you travel business/first class in Emirates Airlines and you can use that at the immigration counter in Dubai airport! I don’t know about other airlines.

  • May 26, 2013


    I saw a video doing the rounds on internet. It was a video where Ranjini is in the middle of a crowd of guys and being heckled by a lot of them. I can understand celebrity heckling but that was criminal behavior from the crowd. I applaud her courage to stand upto this. And frankly we get riled by all the wrong issues. Ranjini was big news. The fact that Sreesanth might have given into fixing is big news. What about the question of why Sreesanth was able to go into this spot fixing? Because a bunch of people all around the country are trying to make quick bucks through shady networks, one that might have links with underworld and terrorist finances. Media has brought its full weight down on an individual without there being any evidence of anything concrete in both cases. There needs to be laws to prevent this kind of things happening to people with maybe an exception to people in public service(government officials).

  • May 26, 2013


    Might I add, I hope to find a wife who likes hot pants and is cute and sexy and doesnt give a damn to what is supposed to be proper.

  • Women are angels. Men are evil. Hence, Ranjini is right. End of the story.

  • May 26, 2013

    Sabu Paul

    Ranjin’s version certainly comes across as more believable. Hope it’s the truth.

  • @Sam, you seem to be either unlucky or terribly ill-informed for someone who travels so much in first and business. Premeir is what Jet Airways calls their business and first class, just like Etihad class their sections, coral and diamond ( I suggest you do a google search before you travel next or get a better travel agent.

  • May 26, 2013

    Soumya Balagopal

    I wonder, CCTV cameras are not available in airports?

    This is the very common attitude among Keralites, celebrities or not, if you look smart and speak English (or Manglish) you can be a victim in this kind of incident. Don’t feel insulted Ranjini, nobody is supposed to comment anything about your profession or your personal life. It’s none of others business and you should not be bothered about this kind of silly comments. “Swantham standard um, sheelangalum anusarichalle alukal behave cheyyathe“…athippo you travel by flight or train or bus…

  • May 26, 2013

    Jimmy Cherian

    I don’t care if Ranjini is correct or Binoy is correct. The only thing I want to say to the Kochi airport authority is to install more scanning machines on the arrival area, from the last 10 years the airport got bigger and bigger day by day but the same scanning machine is serving all. Why don’t we discuss about the cause of the problem and solution of the problem instead of blaming each other. I am regular traveler through Kochi airport, please Airport authority has to do some thing urgently. Thank you.

  • May 26, 2013

    Darvin M Wilson

    @Jacob Joseph Puthenparambil
    Your links are about the special counters at DUBAI and Renjini has mentioned a special immigration counter for Business and First Class at CIAL which was never there…..
    I too have not yet seen such a counter at CIAL

  • May 26, 2013

    Mukund Balachandran

    I saw so many posts on FB making fun of Ranjini, I am neither a fan nor a hater. I didn’t bother to read initially but then there were so many of them and I googled it and read an article. It basically gave the version of the man. Even then I wasn’t too convinced of the story, after reading her side of the story I believe her version of the story as it seems much more believable.

    There are a lot of people who just can’t stop hating successful women and in such instances the mindless hatred pours out and they do it probably without realising how bad those comments make them look (after reading some comments on some forward on FB, no matter on whose side the truth is on using the kind of language they do is totally unacceptable). Even if she did jump the line (which happens all around where ever our people are present and something to which I react, at airports, stores, temples etc.) using abusive language is just not acceptable, so good of her to take it up in spite of the opposition good luck .
    I would like to appreciate the maturity with which majority of the people on the forum has reacted to this incident.

    @Sabi Deepak Really? I have always thought of malayalees as a community who liked girl children (In my family my parents did so many poojas for a girl child lol! and I have always wished for a girl child when i do have a child)

  • It’s easy to miss because there is rarely anyone at the desk, from my experience. The real issue here is how the Arrivals at the airport is a complete mess. Read this,

  • May 26, 2013


    Yes, it’s actually there. Not sure about Kochi, but around the world, yes. In Heathrow it’s called Fast Track. You get a pink sheet form the airlines prior to landing. Not sure what the criteria is also. I’ve availed it through Emirates in London and not anywhere else plus I am a frequent flier with them.

  • May 26, 2013

    Bernie Earn Johnson

    Ranjini Haridas!
    A name so popular since the very episode of hers in Asianet Idea Star singer. In fact, we all have to admit the show even runs into every single Malayalees mind with the pre image of that woman there on the dias. And let me dare ask you so called haters who are ready to swing up with all that kadapuram learnt abuses, how many of us had the balls to survive that talent and luck to be where she is or even out cross that?

    So if you know in your inner most devils soul you can’t then shut the f**k up and suck it when it pinches you to see shes ever most successful celebrity in the Malayalam commercial entertainment industry with no history being an actress. Oh, and yes being an ex Miss Kerala as well.

    Cheers lady for I know not who you are and what you may have been but hats off to what you are today!

  • May 26, 2013

    Randey D' Costa

    Ranjini, this was really needed. YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY. What you said was very true “Don’t people have anything better to do than discuss a small incident in the life of Ranjini Haridas?” – Quacks around keep blurting shit because they don’t have anything else to do.

    Stay strong, there are many to support you and that includes me and my family too.

  • May 26, 2013

    Sam Kunneswaran

    @Jacob, Thank you again for your search and those links. I have never used Jet Airways.

    @Cheeky Indian, well said! I too saw that video where she was yelling at someone who grabbed her body. I didn’t see anything wrong with that. You are not supposed to grab a women without her permission even if she is a prostitute. Unfortunately comments in FB below the video are ridiculous. Most comments were degrading Ranjini personally and supporting whoever grabbed her. It is very unfortunate.

  • May 26, 2013

    Suneetha Nair

    I believe your version. Indian men have high ego issues with women, for no reason. You go girl!
    Fight the case and win on behalf of all women who have been treated bad, when we drive, when we ask for change back, when we argue for justice and when we feel violated for no reason.

  • May 26, 2013

    Namratha Mohankrishnan

    The part about men resenting the successful, independent and hardworking women, is very true. Men in our narrow minded society (this is not a generalization, agreed that there are many men who genuinely respect, care and protect the women they know, be it their mother, sisters, wives, daughters, sisters in law, aunts etc.) but on the whole, a woman is supposed to keep quiet and bear insults and abuse hurled at her otherwise her “arrogance” and “behavior” is questioned.

    Seriously? and secondly, this man has no right to call another woman a prostitute. Especially since he himself is a family man. Would he like it if someone referred to his wife or daughter as a prostitute? First set a good example to your children, then start preaching to the others.

    Even if she cut the line, which we can not know unless we see a video footage or some other proof of the said incident. Shame on you, Mr Binoy, that you are very much educated yet possess no ethics. Ranjini, we support you. This is not because she is a star, it’s because a woman dared to speak out and we will continue to do so if we find something wrong. My personal opinion is that this guy wanted his 15 minutes of fame and thought that he would look “cool” if he got away insulting a famous person, to boot.

  • Never heard or read any article about Mr Binoy!

    But, I lost you here.

    As for all the fools who reacted to the news without clarifying the facts, I feel only sorry for you. Sorry that people like you exist, sorry that we still, at large, are a society that at every opportunity given, likes to mentally, morally and emotionally pull someone down. Especially be it a strong independent woman who speaks her mind.

    That’s a pattern :)

    Take care.

  • May 27, 2013

    Sanjeev Pillai

    Why doesn’t the other team members of her mentioned didn’t gave any statements regarding this incident? Yes it’s really a story!

  • May 27, 2013

    Kiran / കിരൺ

    It’s strange to shout obscenities on a woman in the name of anything!

  • May 27, 2013

    Hebins Cherian

    Nice to see the version of Ranjini Haridas.

    Hey Ranjini, I am not your fan. But I cannot ignore you as long as you are the most commonly discussed anchor when someone around me talk about Malayalam Channels. Congrats on that!

    This is what I feel about it.

    1. Most of our men can’t agree to the fact that you do good for yourself.
    2. Most of our men want every celebrity to beg and cry to watch their shows. (And you don’t do that)
    3. Most of our men like making fun of Anchors accent. (Somehow you just got famous for your Accent and your attitude)
    4. I don’t agree that its just about you or women like you. ( What about Pritviraj? He is going through the same shit right?)
    5. It’s just that most of Malayalees don’t ever like anyone living a Happy life unless he/she is their dear ones.
    6. No way I want to hurt the feeling of every malayalees. But most of you will feel bad about what I am writing. If you do so. YES, I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU ASSHOLE.
    7. Rannjini be strong. I am sure you have got many more to come.

  • I am sorry for what you have gone through. I know it was pretty viral on FB but anyone with commonsense wouldn’t believe that. Sadly, we Malayalees love to gosssip and throw sh*t at people. Anyway, please don’t play the feminist card, it’s was not done because you are a woman but because you are a celebrity who is radical. And we Malayalees loooove radicals.

  • May 27, 2013

    Sindhu S. (@InSindhu)

    Swami Vivekananda once stated that Kerala was a “mad house” of castes. I would say, we still are a mad house, but of a sick attitude towards successful women. I pity Mrs Binoy and all the women who ever were, are, will be associated with him, even remotely, like on an emigration queue.

  • May 27, 2013


    Kochi? Kerala? Anything can happen. Period. Shame on you, Jose. And you, too, who happens to be his wife!

  • May 27, 2013

    Kenz Mats

    There are few Malayalees who ruine the name of all Malayalees. This guy is one of them I’m sure.
    Grow up idiot.
    Know your standard.
    The fact is that Ranjini still address that guy with a ‘Mr.’.
    He should be added into that list of eve teasers. ass.

  • May 27, 2013

    Manoj Raman Thampi

    Well, well, well. Heard Ranjini’s version.

    The blame has be to put on our authorities who does not provide adequate service and facilities in sensitive places like airport, especially during the morning when the passengers of 3-4 of flight queue-in simultaneously.

    All the International flights operating out of these airports has business class in it. Like it or not, they pay that extra buck to stretch out for that little extra comfort. Come on, that does not make them untouchable! How many incident would you have noticed in any other countries. Have you ever witnessed even 1 such incident?

    All Malayalis would stand in the line very obediently like in the queue in beverges corporation and airport queues are always a long line of impatience in most contexts and very sensitive as well. People may over react if you trigger it the wrong way, it can be highly inflammable at times. A wrong gesture could turn you to ashes. Then abusing someone whom you do not like is Malayali’s favorite addiction next to alcohol.

    It is her business and living, you do not like to watch, then change the channel. I think we all must learn to respond rather than reacting.

  • This is the best comment so far. The real issue is, why is there just ONE hand luggage scanner, empty immigration desks at peak time with three to four flights arrive? I am surprised issues like this don’t happen everyday, maybe it is and we only came to know because of this incident.

    The airport authorities need to answer, they are being let off hook here.

  • May 27, 2013

    Subramani Mahadevan

    Why my posts are not appearing here?

  • May 27, 2013


    The Kochi Post reserves the right to publish or not any comment that is submitted. If a comment doesn’t add to the value of the discussion, comprises of hearsay or personal attacks, we don’t publish it.

    There are several online platforms, blogs and websites to go vent your twisted frustrations, this is not one of them. The Kochi Post is a platform for mostly clean and constructive discussions, every comment is moderated and sometimes corrected for grammar.

    Unless you have something valuable (or funny, in which case, everything is forgiven) to say, don’t bother.

  • May 27, 2013

    Sneha Nair

    I can totally understand the situation Ranjini! You are one of the most popular anchors on TV!
    Take the case of any popular celebrity, everyone, some or the other point of time are linked into some controversy! It’s pretty normal. That guy Binoy whoever he thinks he is, is a straight example of those people who can go to any extent of disgust to show that they are right! In India, if a woman is young, beautiful, popular and single, then she is sure to become the target of social media. But what a strong woman like you should do is keep them apart and go forward, I totally think you have to be given justice!

  • May 27, 2013


    The media image of Ranjini Haridas is so thick, (of a spoiled brat? oh wait, that was Sreeshant), it was easy to believe Binoy’s version. But this image is also what contributed to his abusive ire. Her version is completely believable.

    But even then, I beg to disagree to the last point. This happened precisely because of her image. Yes, because she was Ranjini Haridas. Yes, the image of a loud, successful, public woman hits the chauvinistic core of the Malayalee male very hard. Making Binoy’s abuse very criminal. But do bring your story, Binoy!

  • May 27, 2013

    John Mathew

    I have seen lots of postings that abuses Ranjini on my facebook profile. What annoys me is, don’t these people have anything else to worry about?

    Our state, in fact the whole country is totally corrupted and the leaders are exploiting the wealth and strength of our people, and there’s no one to shout against it. I hate the people who exhibits the dirty tradition and abuses all those who gains the popularity. Remember that each ones life is his own privacy and as long as they find happiness without hurting others, whats wrong in it? So sad about my people being so stupid and arrogant.

  • May 27, 2013


    Are we, and the so called chauvinists, in Pakistan or India? Hello, this is India, and we are in a democratic country and not in the f**king Taliban country. Every individual has his own freedom to speak and wear what he thinks is decent. No f**king fellow can change that. If anyone does not like the way she anchors please f**king switch off your bloddy tv.

  • May 28, 2013

    Psicilyv Psicilyv

    Dear Miss Ranjini Haridas, I am so sorry to say Kerala society is dominated by men and you happened to be a woman who strongly oppose the male atrocities. Today or day after tomorrow the coming generation will line up behind you. So do not give up this fight. Remember man is superior to a woman only physically. Mentally intellectually and even spiritually men are inferior to women. I wish Mr. Binoy as early as possible would wind up this futile effort. It is simply out of his proud thinking ”I am an Amerikkan malayalee living in all luxuries”. Leave it man. Good luck.

  • May 28, 2013

    Twilty (@Twiltywilty)

    I am willing to bet that in all his years in America, Binoychettan never raised his voice to a white lady. To them he would be very polite, almost deferential, though he would have discretely ogled them, and probably shared lewd comments with his Malayalee brethren when they dressed less than conservatively. He would never, in a million years, doesn’t matter what the provocation call a white lady a “wh***”, the English equivalent of “thevidishi”. But in his country, particularly in his home state, he knows he can treat a woman any way he pleases and most likely get away with it.

    If a woman offends him, (Binoy of infinite patience abroad is quick to offense in Kerala) he will insult her, her family, and her profession with impunity because he knows it is a man’s world. I still don’t know for sure who is right in the airport issue, but I do know that Binoychettan’s burst of machismo at the airport, and the vitriolic reaction of most people, especially men regarding the issue, speaks volumes about Malayali society.

  • May 28, 2013

    Abraham Paul

    I would blame the Airport Authority who had brought Ranjini Haridas down to this situation. Yes celebrities are famous and they should be given more privileges, as they are what they are with their efforts and our support.

  • May 28, 2013

    Abraham Paul

    Ranjini says he used abusive language, so then why didn’t the film crew over there react, why didn’t they come and tell what happened if she was not the one to cut the line.

    This post was to clarify what happened to Ranjini at the Airport but towards the end it just shows the hatred that Ranjini has towards men, which is clearly evident from the sentence she used.

    Men who can only react within the frames of anonymity, men who celebrate the oppression of women, men who can’t stand the sight of a successful, self thinking, hardworking woman of today.

    Ranjini mentions the public as fools, who is Ranjini to say the public are fools, wasnt that an insult to the public, to the viewers. Ranjini posts here part of the version online so that people can know what happened and then she says:

    Before I wind up just a question that I have been meaning to ask. Is this really one of the most discussed topics online nowadays? I mean, come on! Don’t people have anything better to do than discuss a small incident in the life of Ranjini Haridas?

    There are few shadows that follows a person when they become a celebrity such as a media and their job is to bring things like this to the public viewers ,wrong or right its your responsibility to make the media or the public believe what the truth is, if you don’t want the public to know your life keep yourself away from the public, be a normal person.

    As a normal women if she has faced the issue let justice be with her. But dont judge men like what she did.

  • May 28, 2013

    Nikhil Bose

    All has been said, against and as well in support of both the parties. Just let it go people, justice is dead.

    Nobody cares about the truth, they just want numbers. Number of likes, shares, views and what not. Boost their ratings and our curious mind leans along, if not, what am I doing here? :P

    @Ranjini, enough yaar, those who love you and respect you will always do it. Haters can only hate.

    Sometimes you have to understand that world is full of dead people under the ground, but what matters is those who are above. :)

  • Don’t know both Ranjini and Benoy personally. But every word she said about chauvinism is totally right. I can relate Ranjini’s experience to mine. They start it all, and even if we respond in a very decent way, they use abusive languages.
    Admit it, we Malayalis always have a hatred for Ranjini Haridas and we are always harsh on her. It’s time we changed this attitude.
    PS: I don’t hate men. But I do hate men who treat women like dirt.

  • May 28, 2013


    I do believe it is unfair to compare Ranjini with Sreesanth. There is a huge difference between the two the only reason Ranjini fights back is because people cannot bear that there is a successful Mallu Indian and that she does not confirm to their Idea of a Ideal mallu house wife, who wears mulla poo in hair, dresses in saree 24/7 and says YES to everyone’s typical backward Mallu mentality without argument.

    The problem with Sreesanth is that he has never been humble, he has been a show-off on and off the field and he did something very illegal. Ranjini is just a successful independent woman who is proud of what she does and will stand up to anyone who would be-little her or abuse her in public. Most of those arguments against her are baseless what she does or doesn’t do in her so long as it doesn’t affect the rest of us is her personal life and totally her business.

    Thank god i have Mallu friends and family who do not have this backward thinking.

    And i am pretty sure if Mammooty or Mohanlal were unnecessarily abused in the same manner they would have reacted in the same manner AND NO ONE would say anything against them, that is just purely double standards and stupid prejudice.

  • Ranjini I just love your confidence. You are a very talented person. Well done and always be like this. Women in India need to learn to defend themselves even for their self respect. Am proud of you.

  • May 29, 2013


    well… had no clue such a thing transpired!

    to people who really care about the news, get out of gossip pages and log on to The Hindu, that is where the real news is reported!

  • May 30, 2013

    Swopna John

    Good reply Anna John.

  • This is really frustrating that the topic of interest is still the same, the world has gone over so many changes since the Airport issue with Ranjini happened.
    But just to add to the topic, i feel injustice is ruling us from years, there wouldnt be much measures that would be taken up to prevent it too,because like us even politics loves to feed right?Are there any stories of complete justice to women at all in this country.”So what if you need to change the constitution and all its bylaws change it for the well being of the people”.Oh yeah forgot the fact that no ones listening.Nobody will.In a country were it took more than 2 years to hang a terrorist who killed dozens of common people… what wonder can happen for the rest.So what my point was Ranjini fight as long as you can cause when it comes to our fight it would be just us after a week,cause until a week we would feel the nation is supporting us but after that it just us alone.
    I do not know whose side of the story is true, but as long as your heart stands true,you should believe yourself.All the very best and i hope to see some justice , it can really make a difference to the other women who are still fighting for it.

  • June 14, 2013

    Mohdali Basheer

    Rangani is a bold self made girl. If people feel jelaous one can’t help it. Brave girl .Keep itup.

  • June 15, 2013

    Sarath Shaji

    Well, this could be seen just another side of the incident that took place.
    I wonder why didn’t the co-actors respond, how did they ‘all’ become mute spectators of the scene.
    However, even if she cut the line the guy doesn’t have any right to abuse her for sure.

  • ‘cut the line”… is such a crime?it is just common n silly thing… a queue can interrupt any time in India”; soon fight will guarantee…! but how can a man use such and such ‘xxx’ ‘malayalam words’ to a women? it is targeted to successful-(?), self thinking, hardworking-(Not necessity) independent/single/woman freedom of today..?100% literate society with male chauvinistic/ huge inferiority complex/envious/neurotic… society not let allow a woman live free….!!100% kumeran

  • […] That’s 20 hours on a plane and then made to wait and crawl for another three hours. Sadly, the Ranjini Haridas episode was too focused on “her” and not on how the situation at the airport contributed to […]

  • August 14, 2013


    Exactly my point too. Nobody wants the truth. People just follow the mob.
    Not just this incident. But many cases I have noticed this & when I was done with the crap, this is what I had to say
    Ranjini Haridas- #Respect!

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